Things You Should Know/FAQ's

Here at Treasure Realty we hope you have a fabulous time while you’re here with us on Topsail Island. We have provided this booklet to help you plan your vacation, fully understand the rental contract, explain some policies and terms of your contract, and answer some other frequently asked questions. Please take time to read this booklet and your contract very carefully. As licensed real estate professionals representing other people’s properties’s, monies and vacations; we do not get to grant exceptions to the rules.

Damage Waiver Fee

As a guest (tenant) of Treasure Realty (Agent), the tenant must pay a Damage Waiver Fee as part of their reservation. The Damage Waiver Fee is $65.00 per reservation, per property and is non-refundable once paid. Under the Damage Waiver plan, you will not be required to pay for accidental damage to the home or the personal property of Owner contained within the premises, up to an aggregate limit of $1,000. Damages exceeding this limit or damages not covered by this plan will be the responsibility of Guest. Exclusions within the Damage Waiver plan specifically limit Guest’s coverage and do not cover or release Guest from liability for damage due to the following: (a) intentional, willful, reckless, or malicious acts of Guest or others on the premises during the tenancy; (b) damage by pets; (c) theft from the premises of either Owner’s property or property belonging to Guest; (d) gross negligence of Guest or intentional misuse of furnishings, appliances, equipment, or other amenities provided with the home; (e) damage caused while under the influence of alcohol or drugs; (f) damages to real property resulting from operation of any motorized vehicle by Guest; (g) any breach of the lease agreement; (h) Guest not following check-out procedures; and (i) Guests failure to follow the instructions of the Owner, Agent, or any authorized representative of Owner or Agent that results in damage or costs from failing to follow such instructions. The coverage of the Damage Waiver plan, as well as the exclusions contained therein, provided to guest shall extend to all members of Guest’s party and guests thereof. In order to receive coverage under the Damage Waiver plan, all damages must be reported to Agent before checkout. Agent will have ultimate Administrative Authority in approving or denying coverage and claims. Denied claims are the financial responsibility of the guest. The Damage Waiver plan is not available for tenancies of 30 consecutive days or more or non-family or large groups such as weddings, reunions, corporate retreats, etc.

What is a Vacation Rental?

Essentially a vacation rental is very similar to a long term lease that a person or family contracts when moving into a property. Thanks to the North Carolina Vacation Rental Act there are a few differences, but the main principles remain the same. Vacation Rentals are VERY different from Hotels, Motels, and Resort stays. Vacation Rentals are essentially a real estate transaction and are regulated by the NC Real Estate Commission. Your Rental confirmation is a legal contract between you and the property owner and becomes binding upon signing it or making a payment on it. We cannot bend the rules of the contract for any reason because we are simply the agent handling the transaction for the parties involved (the Tenant and the Property Owner).  Just like in a real estate sales transaction, the Agent can't change the contract themselves without everyone's approval. 

Who owns the Property?

Vacation Rentals are owned by private individuals, just like you, who have made their properties available to Vacationers through an Agent, like us. Some property owners use the properties themselves as a vacation home and rent it out when not using it themselves, some owners purchased it as a future retirement home, some owners are investors, and every scenario in-between that you can imagine. Treasure Realty does not own any of the properties. When you reserve your property, the property owner takes the property off of the market for your dates of stay, and cannot rent it to anyone else for those dates, even though the next customer may desire the same property and dates or may be willing be pay more.  The owner held the property for you, even if missing other opportunities.  Many property owners rent their properties short term during the spring, summer, and fall; and long term during the winter months; let us know if you want to winter over on the beach...we can help.

Can I Cancel my Reservation?

Yes and No. You can cancel your reservation, however you will not get a refund until the property has re-rented under the same terms as your agreement, and any balances you owe are still due until that happens. See the contract for cancellation fees and non-refundable fees in such an event. After all, the property owner did take the property off the market for you and may not be able to re-rent it. If you have purchased the Travel Insurance, and the reason for canceling your reservation is covered by the insurance, then the insurance company will refund your payments. We STRONGLY recommend the Travel Insurance for your protection.  Please make sure you are happy with the property you reserve and the dates before confirming your reservation.

If I don’t like the Property when I get there, will you move me to a different one?

We want you to enjoy your stay as much as possible. However, we are not able to move you to another property, or make any refunds or discounts, if you are dissatisfied due to your contract with that particular property. Again, please try to preview the property before entering into the contract. Please see the other paragraphs above for further explanations as the why you can't switch to another property.

How accurate are your Vacation Specialists' representations?

Our Vacation Specialists try to become familiar with all of our properties. However, it is impossible for them to remember every detail about each property, and they may get them confused from time to time. There are literally millions of possible different details between all the properties we represent. REGARDLESS of what any employee may or may not tell you, we will always default to our written contracts. 

Unlike a hotel or resort, every one of our properties is different and between the number of properties we represent, frequent repairs, renovations, removals, etc; it is impossible for anyone to 100% know each of these millions of details. Even when something is verified, it could change before your reservation occurs.  Property owners occasional make changes without notifying us. The Vacation Specialists will make mistakes and we cannot be responsible for these impossible details. If you have specific needs or expectations for your rental property, please try to preview it or have a friend preview it for you. 

A good rule of thumb: you get what you pay for when comparing similar size, location, and seasons. For example, a 3 bedroom oceanfront that rents for $1800 per week is not going to be as upgraded as a 3 bedroom oceanfront property that rents for $2800 per week.

What are the different charges on my contract?

The rent is obviously the money the property owner is charging for your stay. The cost of the travel insurance varies based on the cost of the reservation. If you do not desire the insurance, please cross it out on your contract, initial the contract in the spot provided, and deduct that amount from your first payment. The Damage Waiver is a non-refundable payment that covers you for accidental damages (see contract). Other Charges include the reservation fee, and may include pet fees, early bird check-in, late checkout fees and credit card convenience fees. The reservation fee is charged to cover the cost of procuring, processing and accounting for your reservation along with mailing and printing expenses, communications preparing you for your reservation, communications during your stay, etc. Taxes in our area vary based on the location of the property; some of it is state tax and some is local tax. You may see items listed with “$0” charges, they are items that property owner is providing for you. Rental items you have requested (beach chairs, baby equipment, etc.) should also appear on your contract.

What is Traveler’s Insurance?

The link included with your contract fully explaining the terms of this insurance and what it covers. We STRONGLY suggest this insurance for unexpected reasons to cancel your reservation that are likely covered, mandatory island evacuations, and occurrences during your stay.

This insurance is provided by CSA/Generali (a leading national provider), please call them with any policy questions. Please be sure to carefully consider this insurance in order to prevent loss of any payments for an event that may have been covered by this policy such as:

• Hurricane/Storm mandatory evacuations

• States of Emergency

• Loss or layoff of your Job

• Sickness, Injury, or Death of Family Member or Traveling Companion(s)

• Your personal home being made uninhabitable by natural disaster,

• School year was extended

• Road Closures

• & More

Please note that insurance cannot be purchased after you have paid the reservation in full and is not refundable once accepted and paid. Items/charges added to your reservation after the insurance has been paid will not be covered.  WE VERY STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS INSURANCE!.

Tell me about the Payments.

Payments that are received 30 days or more prior to arrival can be made in the form of personal check, echeck, cashiers check, money order, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard). Payments received 30 days or less to the arrival date cannot be by personal check or echeck, sorry. Credit Cards will be run for payments immediately upon receiving them. There will be a convenience fee charged for credit card payments and are only accepted over the phone or in person. Echecks are accepted online, over the phone, and in person. The Advance Payment must be received within 7 days of making the reservation or the reservation will be cancelled. The Balance Payment must be received 30 days prior to the arrival date or the reservation will be cancelled in accordance with the cancellation policy. If you prefer, you can make the full payment with the Advance Payment for your convenience. With all payments, please arrange for all funds to come from the person’s name in which the reservation is held to avoid any confusion on who the funds should be credited.  Due to credit card regulations,we can not accept credit card payments from guests who are not named on the contract and accepted the contract.

What time can I Check-In?

Standard Check-In begins at or after 4:00 pm on the day of your arrival. Due to the complexity, size, and locations of our properties, traffic issues, our staff and vendors need every minute to prepare the property for your stay. Please do not interfere with their work or pressure our staff to allow you entry before your check in time. For your own safety and security and for the safety and security of our vendors and staff, do not park at the property, access the property early, use the property’s beach access, or drop off luggage/personal items until you have received your Check-In packet or been notified that you can now check-in. Unfortunately,vendors/workers within the industry have been harassed and injured and certain safety protocols are important for everyone’s safety. Vendors/workers are encouraged to call the police with ANY concerns at all. Please do not do any grocery shopping until you have received notice that you can now check-in to avoid spoiled food. Rarely,check-in time may need to be extended beyond 4:00 for repairs, damages, or extra cleaning from the previous tenants either at property or due to delays caused at other properties. If you desire to check-in before this time, we offer an Early Bird Check-In. With this service you can get a guaranteed check-in at 1:00 pm. The cost for this service is $60.00 or $80.00 plus tax dependent on the season/dates and is non-refundable after it is paid. Only a limited number of early bird check-ins are available and are given out on a first come, first serve basis. Taking possession of the property early without authorization (parking on property, accessing the interior of a property by any means except key or code intended for Tenant, utilizing property’s deck or beach accesses, etc) will result in an unapproved early access fee of $100.00 plus tax as it will surely create issues and additional billing from the vendors attempting to prepare the property for your arrival and you will still need to vacate the property completely for property preparations. Please make sure everyone in your group is aware of these concerns.

What if I can’t check-in until after your offices close?

If you can’t get here before our offices close, late check-in, be sure to notify us ahead of time so we make other arrangements. If you are not paid in full, a late check-in will not be possible.

What time is Check-Out?

The standard check-out time is 10:00 am promptly, on the day of your departure.  PLEASE NOTE that if you have not departed the property by 10:00 am, and have not arranged for late check-out, the $100.00 plus tax unapproved holdover fee will be charged to you and you will still need to leave immediately. Unapproved late check-outs create havoc on checkout days as they interfere with vendors’ schedules, housekeeping, linens, pest control, repairs, etc not only at your property, but at other properties these services need to visit as well. Most service schedules are already extremely tight on check-in days are prepared with factoring in geographic locations, traffic, staff availability, other logistic considerations, etc. Please help these hardworking folks stay on schedule for ALL incoming guests by checking out on time yourself.  We also don't want to create a check-in delay for the next guest in your property, or another property.

What other Information may I find on my contract?

The description on your contract includes several key pieces of information; your login information for our guest portal, bed sizes, check-in location, and other relevant information. Be sure to thoroughly read the contract for accuracy of what you are expecting of your property, ensuring it's for the correct property, and to understand the terms of the agreement.

What do you mean by Maximum Occupancy?

This is the maximum number of people that can be on the property at any given time. Children 4 years of age and older are counted. This has become a very important point in recent years for several reasons. Local, State, and National health regulations, building codes, and other laws are becoming stricter. Furthermore the property owners are very concerned about wear and tear in their properties and do not look favorably upon extra bodies bouncing around. Unfortunately, exceeding the Maximum Occupancy at any time, with either overnight guests or day guests will result in eviction without refund. Plan a large enough (occupancy) property for all guests. Also note that maximum occupancy may mean that some of the sleeping spaces are sleeper sofas, cots, lofts overlooking or attached to living spaces, or other sleeping arrangements you may not normally find in a regular residential property. Beds are not indicative of allowed occupancy necessarily, but may provide options or extra bedding for the allowed occupancy.

Where do I check in?

Many of our properties now provide Keyless entry locks that operate with a code. If your property operates with a code, you will receive it either prior to check-in or when the property is now ready for your arrival. Note that access codes will NOT work until the property is deemed ready by our offices/systems and will quit working immediately at your scheduled Check-out time. You will not need to come to our offices to check-in if your property provided keyless entry, your reservation is paid in full, no parking/pool/other passes are necessary for your property, and nothing further is needed. If your property does not provide Keyless Entry, your Rental Contract should state which of our offices you will be checking in at to pick up keys. Either our Surf City office or Sneads Ferry office should be noted. If your contract does not specify a Check-In office or procedure, please call us.  If your property provides key-less entry/locks, you won't even need to visit our offices unless you want to see our friendly faces. 

What should I do upon checking in?

Please be sure to take a look around to make sure everything is in order or in case you encounter any problems.  Be on the lookout for important emails and text alerts from our offices. There is important information included to help your during you vacation, tips, trash collection info, etc. or procedures in case you encounter any problems. If you find that the property has not been cleaned properlyor discover a needed repair or maintenance issue, please call our offices immediately upon checking in. We strive to provide excellent service, mistakes can happen unexpectedly, and we want every opportunity to make it right for you.  Often maintenance issues aren't reported by the previous guest if the issue wasn't a concern to them.  If you are not receiving our emails or texts, please call our offices.

What should I do upon Checking Out?

There will be information emailed and texted to you for check-out procedures. However every property should do the following: return all sheets and towels to their delivery bins or laundry bags (NOT pillows, comforters, blankets, mattress pads), clean and put away all dishes, return all parking/pool/other passes to our offices, ensure all doors and windows are locked, return all furniture/bedding/etc. to their original locations, place any rental items (chairs/cribs/grills/etc) outside the property in the same locations they were dropped off at, check all closets/drawers/cabinets/under beds for personal items, empty the refrigerator, and remove all garbage from the home to the outside trash and recycling bins.  Please do NOT roll the trash bins to the street unless it is a designated trash day.

What do I need to bring?

You will need paper products (toilet paper, napkins, garbage bags, dish towels, paper towels, etc.), soaps and detergents, beach supplies, minimal cleaning supplies, and any specialty items you may desire during your stay. Several local grocery stores are located either on the island or just off the island. Unlike many other properties, our properties provide bed and bath linens for your convenience. 

We can also help you reserve almost anything else you need for your vacation (beach gear, baby equipment, grills, games, and more). Visit our preferred partners website at www.sweetdreamslinen.com for their complete inventory, descriptions and more.

What is provided?

Each of our properties are individually furnished and equipped by the property owner. However, all of our properties feature standard items: TV’s, pillows, comforters or bedspreads, microwaves, coffee makers, pots and pans, dishes, utensils, and glassware.

Air Conditioning, extra TV’s, DVD’S, telephones, porch and deck furniture, grills, games, and other equipment are furnished as a courtesy by each property owner and are not guaranteed to be at a property or functioning. Refunds will not be given due to breakdown of these courtesy items.

We cannot guarantee a phone for local calls and encourage you to check with your mobile phone company to ensure service in our area. Please note that some of the Condo Complexes require a phone deposit at their front desk.

Our properties provide premium linen service which includes both bed and bath linens for your stay. There will be bed linens provided for each bed in the property along with bath towel, hand towel, and wash cloth for each guest up to the maximum occupancy and bath maths for each full bathroom. In the event you need additional linens, or perhaps beach items, baby equipment, grills, or other fun vacation gear; please call our offices and we will be happy to assist you with this through local providers. Please don’t wait until the last minute as demand can exceed availability during the busy summer months.

I have special needs or a medical condition.

We will be glad to help you with any special needs you may require during your stay, but we urge you to plan ahead and keep the following in mind. We cannot guarantee telephone use, number of stairs at a property, air conditioning, elevators in working order, type or location of beach accesses, etc.  Again, please plan for any situation.

Will the property have window screens?

It may or may not. Some property owners have intentionally taken the screens off the windows and doors because they want them left shut for one or more reasons; (they do not want the corrosive salt air in their property to rust appliances and fixtures, some renters tend to leave the windows open and run the air conditioning at the same time; they have been damaged and are continually damaged due to the weather on the coast). For the reasons above we cannot guarantee that your property will have functioning screens on the windows and doors. Thank you for your understanding.

Will the inside property temperature be too Hot or too Cold?

Many of our properties now have smart thermostats to provide better efficiencies, are Energy Star compliant, provide environmental protections, and better overall performance. Thermostats are set to operate at range of between 72 degrees and 80 degrees during most months during occupancy. Thermostats will shut down the heating or air conditioning systems if exterior doors or windows are left open for more than a couple of minutes to prevent mechanical breakdowns, maintain efficiencies of the system, and help prevent humidity and condensation issues. It is recommended to keep doors and windows closed as much as possible to help maintain a constant and comfortable temperature within the property at all times.

Homes without smart thermostats should not have their thermostats set outside the 72-80 degree range in order to prevent the system from freezing up and not cooling, or resulting in a breakdown that could prevent any cooling for several days. Doors and windows should always remain closed as much as much as possible to prevent problems in these properties as well. If the system freezes up because it was forced to run too hard due to thermostats being turned to low or competing with outside air, the only solution is to allow the system to thaw. To completely thaw an HVAC system typically takes between 10-12 hours during which it will not be cooling the home at all.

It should be noted that most cooling systems are only capable of cooling a typical property actively occupied by vacationers to 15 to 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature during southeastern NC hot and humid summers. Which means that if the outside temperature is98 degrees, the cooling system will be struggling to reach 78 degrees in home filled with vacationers. Properties that are resident occupied can typically reach lower temps than a vacation home because doors and windows are opened less frequently, they typically do not house as many people, and blinds are typically closed more often. This is one of the reasons we strongly suggest keeping windows and doors closed as much as possible. Even letting in cooler evening or night time air forces the cooling system to combat the humidity.

Is the elevator an Amusement Ride?

NO! Some properties provide residential elevators for use by the Tenants and great care and safety should always used with these. Children should not use the elevators without an adult with them at all times, including in the car during all uses. Tips on using the elevator, if provided: 1) the elevator will not function if a door is not completely closed on any level or if opened prematurely.2) the elevator will not function if the internal gate/curtain is not closed completely and properly or if opened prematurely. 3) Opening a door or the internal gate before the car has come to a complete stop on any floor could trap the occupant(s) inside the car. 4) if the car is called to a floor it is important to “cycle” the door and gate (open and close both the door and the gate) even if the elevator is not going to be used after all. Until the door and gate is cycled, many elevators won’t respond to being called to another floor. 5) residential elevators move much slower than commercial elevators and will take some time to reach a floor when called. 6) residential elevators were not built or intended for constant use as one might see in a commercial setting, they were primarily intended and built for mobility impaired homeowners to use a few times per day (perhaps 2 to 6 trips per day). 7) there are not local elevator repair companies in the immediate area. Any repairs typically take many days or longer dependenton timing, scheduling, and parts shipping.

Are there bugs at the beach?

Bugs are a common occurrence in any rural, beach community. Our properties have exterminating contracts, but the bugs don’t know that and they will still come into the property from time to time. Please keep the following in mind: 1. It is not unusual to see bugs in properties in a rural beach environment, 2. Dead bugs mean that the extermination is working and nothing further can be done, 3. Bugs may take from 1 minute to 12 hours to die after they have entered an exterminated property. 4. In some instances, it can be difficult or impossible to completely eradicate the problem. Please call us if you have an ongoing problem and we will send an exterminator out as soon as they can get there. PLEASE NOTE that exterminators may need to treatthe property during your stay and that these services cannot be postponed or put off as it can affect future guests, allow larger problems to develop, and further affect other guests and the property owner. All exterminators hired by our firm are properly licensed, bonded, insured, and use approved treatments.

Grills & Fireplaces

There are several very important things to keep in mind about grills & fireplaces: 1. Grills are not permitted on decks or balconies at any time. 2. If the property offered a grill and/or fireplace as an amenity, please keep in mind that it is not guaranteed to be there nor functioning. Our harsh corrosive environment is extremely hard on these items. 3. As the renter, you are responsible for the cleaning of these items. 4. As the renter you are also responsible for any fuel for the grill or fireplace. Please make sure it is the correct type of fuel. Charcoal, lighter fluid, gas/propane or wood are not provided.

Family Groups Welcome

All rental units are for family-groups only. No teen or college groups are allowed, even when chaperoned. Should a group misrepresent themselves, or in the opinion of Treasure Realty the guest(s) are detrimental to the property, they will be required to vacate the property without refund. No house parties by any group will be permitted at any time.


Pets are never allowed for free, each property charges a pet fee per pet. Our offices and staff are extreme pet lovers, however please obey our pet rules and policies. If you plan to bring a pet, please be sure the property accepts pets and notify our office while making your reservation, a pet fee is required per pet. Dogs are the only pets allowed unless we have granted an exception in writing. Any kind of nonapproved pet in any property will result in immediate eviction without refund. A nonrefundable pet fee will be required for each pet. Some petproperties restrict the number of pets and/or size of pets. 

Non-Pet Properties do not allow pets to be kept outside or on the property at all. Leash and pooper scooper laws are enforced in our area. Please read your rental contract for the specific fees, and other important considerations and policies. Due to many properties/homeowners’ insurance requirements, the following breeds are restricted: Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Presa Canarios, Chows Chows, Doberman Pinschers, Akitas, Wolf-hybrids, Mastiffs, Cane Corsos, Great Danes, Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, or any mix of any of these breeds. Any violation of any pet policy can result in Tenants immediate eviction without refund and payment of charges for all damages to property, future rentals, fees, owner damages, agent damages, etc. A smuch as we love pets in our offi ce, we do not tolerate abuse of these important pet rules because they can affect other people as well.

Please see our website for more information about local laws and services for your dog. Pet Friendly Resources.  &  Service Animals

Will I be disturbed during my stay?

During your stay it may be necessary for repairs, exterminating, or other service providers to enter the property. We will give every attempt to notify you ahead of time. Entry is required for property preservation for you, future tenants, and the owner, and cannot be held off, denied, or rescheduled. We regret any inconveniences this may cause but we promise to keep them to a minimum. Rental properties will sometimes be listed for sale throughout the year. We are not always notified when a property goes up for sale. Please be aware that it may be necessary for agents to arrange showings for qualified buyers during your stay. Property showings cannot be denied by tenants. Many buyers have gone through considerable expense to be here for a limited time (perhaps just a day or two) to find their perfect property. We appreciate your cooperation and will do everything we can to make it convenient for you. If you are interested in a property of your own, please call our sales office at 800-760-4150.

What is the beach like?

Topsail Island beaches are some of the most beautiful, clean beaches you will find. Gathering shells and other treasures is always a good way to spend some time on Topsail. Shore birds and other wildlife are here for your viewing. Like all beaches, we never know what the beach will be like from one day to the next. It’s a natural process that changes from one day to the next according to mother nature. Some days the waves may be lapping at the foot of the beach access during high tide, other times the waves may be breaking several hundred feet away. One thing’s for sure, it’s always awe-inspiring and beautiful. To answer some commonly asked questions: fires are not permitted on the beach at any time, leash laws are enforced by the police, driving on the beach requires a special permit and is not allowed all times of the year or in all areas (contact the 3 island town halls for more information). During your stay you may have the opportunity to witness a loggerhead turtle laying eggs, or a nest hatching. For these reasons, we ask that you leave ocean front, outdoor lights turned off at night as they disorientate the turtles. Be sure to use designated beach accesses during your stay and stay off the beach’s sand dunes. Hefty fines are given by local authorities for disturbing the dunes in any way, and for any reason.

Is there Internet Access?

Most of our properties now provide High Speed Internet access (wired or wireless).  Please be aware that due to our coastal and corrosive environment, internet service and reliability can be spotty at times and the local service providers often need the tenant to help troubleshoot any problems over the phone in order to rectify any problems.  Thank you for your help if needed.

How many cars can we bring?

Parking varies greatly between each property. Planning for the least possible number of vehicles is strongly recommended. Most of the condo complexes limit parking to two (2) vehicles per property. Many of our homes only accommodate parking for a few vehicles as well. RV’s are highly discouraged. We do not have offsite parking for vehicles, RV’s, boats, or trailers.

Can I smoke outside at a nonsmoking property?

Smoking is permitted on decks, balconies, and other outside areas at non-smoking properties. Please be sure not to permit any smoking inside a no-smoking property as the high cost of smoke removal and any lost rentals will be the renter’s responsibility. Guests are expected to properly dispose of cigarette butts and ashes.

What if I leave something behind after my departure?
In the event that you leave behind a personal belonging in the property, please call our offices immediately to report the items you left. We will try to locate the items to the best of our abilities. If you request, items can be returned to you via US Postal Service/FedEx/UPS with shipping charges and a $25.00 processing fee. This must be paid with a credit card over the phone and is subject to a phone convenience fee. Unclaimed items are donated to charity after 14 days.

Can you bend your policies for my reservation/situation?

Because we are a real estate company (like all North Carolina Vacation Rental Property Managers), and your reservation is a real estate transaction; we are bound by state laws, our contracts with the property owners, and our lease with you. As much as we might like to bend the rules, we cannot for these reasons. We are not a party to the contract: we don’t own the house or furnishings and we didn’t pay the mortgage or the rent. We are simply the agent, and don't get to make decisions that should be made by the property owner.  And every property is individually owned, probably by a family just like you.  When comparing a vacation rental to a hotel or motel, you get a lot more for your money with a vacation rental, but there are unbreakable rules and policies that come with it. For these reasons, please be sure to fully read, and understand this brochure and your contract.

Things Beyond Our Control

Our staff works very hard to make sure your stay is happy and comfortable. However, there are things that are out of our control, just as there are things out of your control at your home. Please understand that there will be no refunds or discounts, nor transfers offered or expected for such things. Examples of these types of things that are out of our control include: breakdown of air conditioners, TV’s, DVD’s, electronics, internet access and appliances, construction nearby, presence of bugs in a treated home, beach accesses unusable due to acts of nature, a home not decorated to your tastes, bad weather (including hurricanes), noisy neighbors, or beach access location. We will do everything we can to remedy the situation as quickly as possible, but please keep in mind that Topsail is remotely located and does not have all the features or conveniences of a larger city. 24 hour service in our area is primarily limited to ambulances, fire departments, and local authorities.